24 Hour Emergency Eyecare

The need for eye care does not follow the rule of 8 to 5. Unfortunately, the need for emergency services arises at all hours of the day or night. To better serve needs of our patients, North Raleigh Family Eyecare offers 24 hour emergency call for situations which require immediate or urgent care.

Such situations include: sudden loss of or change in vision, foreign body removal, or eye infection. Most conditions are more effectively treated when diagnosed quickly. Our office is well experienced in the diagnosis and management of ocular emergencies. If secondary or tertiary care is needed, our doctors will make the necessary arrangements with the appropriate referral centers.

Foreign Body Removal

An ocular foreign body is defined as anything in the eye that is not supposed to be there. A piece of metal stuck on the cornea or a fiber underneath the eyelid would be considered a good reason for contacting our office after hours. Dr. Griffin will be able to locate the offending agent, remove the object and provide the necessary treatment for any adverse effect to the eye.

Eye Infections

A red, irritated, and weepy eye can be an indication of a viral or bacterial conjunctivitis. However, there are other conditions which mimic pink eye. Therefore, it is important to quickly identify the true source of the problem, effectively control the infection, and quickly restore eye health. There are many topical medications available that quickly and effectively resolve eye infections. Our office is knowledgeable regarding the benefits and disadvantages of each and will be able to choose the medication that is best for your specific situation.

Sudden Vision Loss

Sudden changes in vision can cause significant concern. The range of possibilities for the cause of sudden vision loss is almost endless. It is extremely important to quickly evaluate any sudden vision changes in vision to determine the cause and initiate treatment if necessary. Some conditions require intervention within hours to effectively restore visual acuity. Waiting until Monday is typically not the appropriate response to these sudden changes. If you experience a sudden change in vision, let our office decide if it is something that can wait, or something that needs to be taken care of quickly.