It's More Than A Prescription: Plunge into Digital Lenses

Every aspect of your lenses affects your vision correction, including how comfortable they are, how durable they are, even how easy they are to clean. It all comes down to which combination of material, design and treatment is right for you.

Our Approach

The North Raleigh Family Eyecare approach to vision correction is built around personalization, because we believe there is an ideal material, design and treatment for every individual. We carry the best lenses including Varilux, Hoya and Shamir progressive lenses, SuperHiVision anti-glare lenses, Transition and Drivewear lenses and we fit your lenses to your frames in-house.

Open your eyes to the future…Go digital!

Our office is pleased to now offer the most advanced digital freeform lenses available! These lenses give much sharper vision across the entire surface of the lens intensifying the periphery of the lens. This creates the most accurate prescription throughout every point of gaze. These lenses are close to optical perfection, plus are up to 12% thinner and 20% flatter in comparison to traditional lenses.

Single Vision Meets Free-Form

With all the excitement over the advantages that free-form technology brings to progressive addition lenses, it was logical for someone to introduce a single vision lens designed and processed the same way.

Hoya Free Form incorporates both free form design and lens manufacturing elements. The design is called Double Integrated Surface Technology. The two major components of the progressive design are separated and designed individually to address the specific needs of the wearer Rx and frame parameters.

The vertical component of the design is digitally-surfaced on to the front surface of the lens and the horizontal component is digitally-surfaced on the back. There is no other lens that uses this approach where the design is separated into these two elements and then distributes them separately to the front and back surface of the lens.

Digital Freeform Single Vision delivers:

  • Clear vision from edge to edge
  • Calculated visual acuity at every point on the lens
  • Visual optimization for all powers

The Ultimate Digital Freeform Progressive

Shamir Autograph® is the ultimate freeform progressive lens for patients with any lifestyle wanting the highest level of personalized optics available on the market today. By combining the most advanced optical technologies to create an innovative personalized progressive lens, Shamir uses a comprehensive approach to lens design and production.

Each Shamir Autograph® is a custom-made personalized lens created to the highest level of optical accuracy (up to 1/100 diopters) by combining each patient’s unique measures and Personalized Freeform Technology®. Shamir Autograph’s patented state-of-the-art back surface design provides 20 percent wider fields of vision in all zones by bringing the design closer to the eye.

Built into select new Autograph® designs, FreeFrame Technology™ is a ground breaking design element that adapts the progressive lens design to the frame itself. Based on the frame shape, this unbelievable new feature dynamically adjusts the corridor length and moves the reading zone to the most optimal position in the frame, retaining the full reading power! Now, progressive wearers have the freedom to choose any frame they like. Every frame picked will have the most optimal design specifically tailored to the frame and patient.

To further fine tune each Autograph® lens, Shamir incorporates As-Worn Technology™ by taking three additional, specific measurements from the patient: “Pantoscopic Tilt”, “Panoramic Angle” and “Vertex Distance”. These measurements will further fine tune the Rx given to the patient by the doctor to provide the patient with the proper Rx for the frame shape as it’s worn on the face. The Shamir Autograph® design is now fine-tuned to provide the most advanced, tailored optics available anywhere today.